May. 6th, 2012 11:58 pm
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Flavors that don't go together - pickles and cranberry-pomegranate juice.

There aren't many Marvel female characters that I'm a fan of.

Elektra (Let's pretend that she never appeared in those two movies.) as envisioned by Frank Miller ( before he did Batman, and Sin City, etc. ), and the Black Widow pre-Iron Man II. Scarlett Johansson doesn't do a bad job as the Black Widow ( Certainly much better than Jennifer Garner as Elektra) but IMO she just doesn't have the "deadly/sexy presence" of the comicbook original. And Emma Peel looked much better in a catsuit... Oh wait, that was a completely different Avengers, sorry.

No, really?

May. 1st, 2012 09:33 pm
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Raise your hand if you're surprised at what happened during Rachel's NYADA audition.

Me neither.

This is Glee we're talking about. Where only Kurt and Finn are allowed to succeed and "The Girls" ( Rachel, Quinn, and Santana ) are there only to make Furt (aka Finn and Kurt ) look like sensitive, cool guys. One would almost think that a certain show runner hates women who can succeed on their own without the "poor little mens" to show them the way.

Nah... Couldn't be true.

Oh well... We'll always have fan fiction and Faberry and Pezberry. And a Rachel that isn't Finn's doormat (Maybe she'll go to Juilliard or some other school in NYC.) and a powerful Out and Proud Santana (lawyer, politician?) and Our Girl Quinn can finally become her own person.

For a more nuanced critique (like always) that covers all the plot threads in this episode - check out Dr. She Bloggo's The RBI Report: Choke

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Still (?) blocked on continuing any of my Glee fics. Need to get over that ASAP. 

So... I've been reading a lot of Glee fics (mostly Faberry)... and the Faberry-ists are still obsessing over the last episode ( 3x14 - the one with the cliffhangers (Do they get married? What happens to Quinn? etc.)) and one thing that seriously bugs me in all of these?

Why do all these fic writers have the police/sheriff/paramedics/doctors (whomever tells the main characters what happens to Quinn) call one of the Gleeks about Quinn's problem? In the real world? They would have called Quinn's parents since she's a minor. And it probably would have happened an hour or two later, after the wedding time-wise. And, since Quinn's mother wouldn't have been at the wedding anyway... Rachel and Finn would end up married. So, no canceling the wedding due to Quinn's accident.

So a semi-realistic series of events?
  1. Quinn has accident on the way to the wedding.
  2. Rachel and Finn get married OR the Mr. Berry's or the Hummel parents stop it. Or Rachel stalls so long waiting for Quinn that it has to be rescheduled (probably a couple hours or days.). Let's assume it gets delayed for one of the above reasons.
  3. Quinn's mother finds out about the accident and runs to the hospital. She doesn't think about calling any of Quinn's "friends" (why would she?)
  4. Someone calls Quinn and gets a phone out of service message or it goes straight to voicemail. They (not sure who. Rachel? Who else really cares about Quinn in Season 3?) rush to her house and nobody is home.
  5. Someone hears about the accident (Isn't Santana's father a doctor?) and the Gleeks all rush to the hospital (the ones who care about Quinn anyway)
  6. The Finchel wedding? If it didn't happen... it probably gets stuck in limbo until Quinn can attend (that's an assumption - based on Rachel wanting Quinn there.), assuming she lives.
  7. Quinn recovers. Some kind of resolution leading up to graduation (And something happens so that Rachel, Finn, and Kurt come back in Season 4 (since the plans for that NYC spin-off fell thru apparently.)


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