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Disclaimer: Fox owns the Glee and Ryan Murphy came up with the original idea. Not mine.
Pairing/Character:Rachel, mentions of others.
When/Where: AU in NYC. New Years Eve (Obviously not sticking to the calendar)
Word Count: 200 (Double Drabble ) ( 12 of 100 )

Watching the ball fall silently in Times Square, the sound muted on the tv in the living room, Rachel took a large gulp from her glass, repressing a shudder as the warm vodka crossed her tongue and burned as it went down her throat. It was a yearly ritual, though she'd had a faint hope when she agreed to share her apartment with Quinn Fabray that something different would happen this year. But it hadn't.

It had started her first year after graduating from NYADA. She'd only been an understudy in an off-off-Broadway play. They'd had a New Years Eve matinee, and then everyone had gathered at a local bar that catered to the rag-tag crews that performed nearby.

But she'd felt too new, too much the outsider, to join them and had gone home alone to her empty loft and had drunk the bottle of wine her fathers had given her to celebrate getting the understudy role, staring at the invitation That Woman had sent her, and continued to send her every year, to a house party to celebrate the new year. But the thought of watching her dote on her replacement daughter hurt too much.

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Disclaimer: The usual. Fox owns the Glee and Ryan Murphy came up with the idea, not me.
Pairing/Character:Rachel, mentions of others.
When/Where: More Christmas-ish. AU in NYC.
Word Count: 200 (Double Drabble ) ( 5 of 100 )

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