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 And we have a new story posted at AO3 and elsewhere

Roman Holiday - a sequel to my previous Joyce Summers/Sam Carter crossover. This time it's Buffy/Stargate/Josie and the Pussycats. Part of a series.

Chapter 1 Posted for the 10th Annual International Day of Femslash (Not sure that is happening this year but I posted a story for it anyway.)

Future chapters posted as they are written. The previous story in this series took me a year to post the whole thing. Hopefully this will go a lot faster.
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This year should be the 10th Annual International Day of Femslash - on July 16th (Or maybe the following week/Saturday)

But I haven't seen any notices on any of the usual sites and the main "co-ordinating" site for it hasn't been updated for this year. Or last year really ( last year they hosted a con but no actual mentions of the International Day of Femslash itself.)

So, what happened? Has it moved to some private, invite only location? Been sucked into the Facebook Hive Mind?

Inquiring minds want to know.

(And yes, I'm working on a story (idea only so far) to post. Something in one of my on-going Buffy crossover series. Probably. )

I'll probably do like I did last year. Post a story on assorted fan fiction sites and tag it as such.


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