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Disclaimer: The usual perils of non-ownership - Fox owns the Glee people and Ryan Murphy and Co. came up with the idea. All things Stars Hollow/Gilmore Girls created by Amy Sherman-Palladino. Characters borrowed from 'The Devil Wears Prada' were created by Lauren Weisberger. I don't own any of them but these words are mine.

Summary: A series of 100 double drabble (200 words) and drabble (100 words) vignettes, covering several months in the life of high school frenemies Rachel Berry and Quinn Fabray - as roommates, and possibly more, in an AU, post collegiate world.

Spoilers: Assume spoilers for Seasons 1-2. And occasional spoilers for Season 3 even though this is AU for most of that season. Key Season 3 AU comes from the following changes - No Evil!Baby Snatching!Quinn and Rachel says no to Finn marriage proposal. All differences flow from there.

Rating: PG-13 Max for adult themes but mostly PG.

Length: 21K words of actual story (+ assorted author notes/disclaimers)

Author: Me

Index - 1 thru 106 of 100 (Complete) )


Dec. 27th, 2011 01:10 pm
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Disclaimer: Fox owns the Glee and Ryan Murphy came up with the original idea. Stars Hollow was created by Amy Sherman-Palladino. Definitely not mine.
Pairing/Character:Rachel, Quinn
When/Where: AU in NYC.
Word Count: 200 (Double Drabble ) ( 11 of 100 )

"You're welcome to come," Quinn said, repeating the New Year's Day invitation for the third time since talking with Shelby. "It won't be a large group, just Puck, Beth, Shelby, and a few others. There's an early train to Hartford in the morning. One of us could pick you up at the station."

"I can't," Rachel said, shaking her head and giving Quinn what she thought of as Rachel Berry fake smile #32. "I have those two shows New Year's Eve and there's a party after. I'll probably stay over."

"If you're sure," Quinn said, not really pushing it. She knew Shelby had invited Rachel up to Stars Hollow every year since moving to the small Connecticut town to celebrate the New Year but she always gave some semi-reasonable excuse that no one could argue with. "I know everyone would be happy to see you."

"I'm sure," Rachel said, her fingers nervously playing with her fork.

Quinn wasn't sure why she was surprised at her refusal. In the months she'd lived with Rachel, she'd never directly mentioned Shelby. And Quinn had seen the envelope with the card Beth picked out for Rachel's last birthday shoved, unopened, in a drawer.

Note: Set in Stars Hollow, and a few Gilmore Girls denizens will be mentioned or wander through later drabbles, but this really isn't a crossover in the strictest sense.


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