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Chapter Title: Opening Night
Disclaimer: Fox owns the Glee money making machine and RBI came up with the original show idea. Still not mine.
Pairing/Characters: Quinn/Rachel, Santana/Brittany, others mentioned.
When/Where: AU. Broadway. Opening night.
Note: I've never been to an opening night for a show on Broadway so... don't expect it to be like this if you ever go.
Word Count: 1,188 (2 of ?)

Santana had been uncharacteristically quiet when she'd stopped at the hotel to pick them up in the limousine Rachel had insisted they rent for the evening. She'd never been much for polite small talk but Quinn was still surprised since this was probably the only time it would be just the three of them for the rest of the weekend. Once they reached the theater, there would be crowds of fans and friends. Then the after party where all eyes would be on Rachel and the rest of the cast.

"Say something," she demanded, in a low voice, even though the driver couldn't hear them through the privacy shield.

"I'm speechless," Santana said, smirking. "If I'd known that all it would take is some Berry juice to bring back out the hotness," she waved at Quinn's red dress, "I would have done something years ago."

"You are hot, Q," Brittany added, smiling. "Cyber you was scrumptious, but this happy you is super sexier."

"Thanks Britt," Quinn said, blushing. "Are you enjoying everything?"

"The hotel's awesome, right San?" Brittany said.

"Must have set Berry back quite a bit," Santana said. "Who else is gonna be there?"

Quinn decided not to tell her old friends that she'd been the one to pay for their trip to the city. Let them think Rachel was being even more generous. It might make things run smoother between them later. "A few of the old gang," she said. "Tina's too pregnant to travel so she and Mike won't be there, but she saw the show a few months ago so she's okay with that. Artie's on a business trip to Hong Kong and won't be back until Wednesday and Mercedes is on tour."

"She dropped in to say hi last week," Brittany said, bouncing excitedly. "She's really excited about the tour."

"Yeah, that whole jellin on Berry thing from high school? No sign of it," Santana said.

"She wasn't really jealous, San. She was just scared that she'd get stuck in Lima when Rachel became famous," Brittany said. "You promised you wouldn't go stirring things up."

"You're ruining my fun, babe," Santana said, pouting. Shaking her head, she turned back to Quinn, winking at her. "So, anyone else important?"

"Beth is too young to see it, but Puck's bringing Shelby," Quinn said.

"How'd that go over with Alice?"

"Alice?" Quinn asked cautiously. Sometimes, dealing with Santana was like juggling rotten eggs.

"Sexy White Rabbit," Santana said, smirking and poking Quinn.

"What's that make you?" Quinn asked, frowning.

"Smarter than you," she said. "Brit and I do just fine without that role playing shit."

"I've always wanted to be Dorothy. She danced all the way to Oz." Brittany said. "You can be my princess, Ozma, San."

Quinn looked at Santana out of the corner of her eye, not surprised to see the faint glint of tears. She tried to think of a quick distraction. "Karofsky will be there with his boyfriend," she said.

"Boyfriend? I knew it!" Santana said. "The gaydar never lies. I was right about you, and Berry. And him."

"San, we knew he was a dolphin in high school," Brittany said. "That's why he was so mean. The dark closet was hurting him."

"He never officially came out," Santana protested. "It was all rumors."

Mission accomplished, Quinn thought, satisfied. Now they just had to make it to their seats and through the after party.

"Are Rachel's dads going to be there?" Brittany asked.

"They're on a second honeymoon in Australia," Quinn said. "They'll see it when they get back."

"They should have changed their trip," Santana said grumpily. Quinn agreed but had no plans to voice her opinion since Rachel claimed to be fine with their absence. "Have you heard from anyone else? I bet ol' Schuester made an excuse to skip."

"Mr. Schuester is bringing the club for a school trip next month," Quinn said, grimacing.

"And I bet he hit her up for free tickets." Santana said sarcastically. "Typical. Probably thinks her success was all because of him. Who else? Finnept?"

"No, he's on manuevers. Kurt will be there, of course, but he's already seen it. He wants to meet some important fashion diva who's one of the backers." Quinn said.

"Still pushing his hats and scarves?" Santana asked. "Wanted us to let him outfit our staff."

"I still think they would have been cute," Brittany said, pouting. "You didn't have to throw him out."

"Babe, no self respecting rainbow hottie would go near our place if we started taking fashion advice from Kurt," Santana said, dismissively. "He thinks we all dress like Ellen."

"He designed this dress," Quinn said softly, winking at Brittany when Santana wasn't looking.

"No way!" Santana blurted out, leaning back to get a better look. "Who helped him?"

"No one," Quinn said, unwilling to admit that she'd given him a sketch she'd drawn as a starting point. Before Santana could say anything more, they were pulling up in front of the theater.

"So what's the deal?" Santana asked, looking at the small crowd after following Quinn out of the limo. "Why didn't you do the red carpet thing with the munchkin?" She turned back and helped Brittany, wrapping a supportive arm around her waist as she carefully exited the limo.

Quinn shrugged. "It didn't seem appropriate," she said, placing herself so that Brittany was between herself and Santana as they walked up to the theater door, past the flashing cameras and gawkers hoping to catch sight of any celebrities.

"She's your girlfriend, Q!" Santana said.

"Can we discuss this later?" Quinn asked, in a low voice. Rachel had understood her desire to stay in the background, even if she hadn't been happy about it.

"Hi!" Quinn said, smiling down at Rachel, who was positively glowing as she joined Quinn at the bar.

"Did you like it?" she asked, her brown eyes faintly anxious. "Did Santana and Brittany like it? Where are they?"

Quinn pointed over her shoulder towards the small dance floor where her two old friends slowly danced, gracefully floating in their own private bubble.

"Oh!" Rachel said. Leaning against Quinn, she watched them for several minutes, sipping on the cocktail her girlfriend had handed her.

"Who's coming back to the apartment?" Rachel asked. "Besides Santana and Brittany?"

"Kurt, if you can drag him away," Quinn said, pointing at Kurt, Karofsky, and several others across the room.

"Drag him away from Miranda Priestly? He'd never forgive me," Rachel said, sipping her drink. "Did Puck make it?" she asked, standing on her toes and trying to spot him in the crowd.

"He brought Shelby, but she had to get back," Quinn said.

"Oh," Rachel said, frowning. "Did they like it?"

"They said yes," Quinn said. "Shelby apologized for not staying for the party and said she would call you tomorrow."

"Okay," Rachel said. "Let's join them," she said, gesturing at Santana and Brittany. Putting her drink down on the bar, she held out her hand when the music changed.

Giving her a small smile, Quinn allowed herself to be guided out onto the dance floor.

End Note: We all remember from the previous story that Santana and Brittany live in Vegas where they own a club, right?

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