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Disclaimer: Fox owns the Glee and Ryan Murphy came up with the original idea. Not remotely mine but this story idea was.
Pairing/Character: Quinn, Rachel
When/Where: AU. In NYC.
Author's Note: Only my Muse knows where this idea comes from, and she's run off to join the circus. Apologies in advance (you'll see for why) for #'s 28 thru #30 and later.)
Word Count: 200 (Double Drabble ) ( 28 of 100 )

"Quinn? What's this?" Rachel asked, pointing at the screen of her laptop.

"What's what?" Quinn asked, pausing her game and looking up from her iPad.

"This picture! Of someone who looks like my roommate's evil twin?"

"I don't have a twin, evil or not," Quinn said, staring at her, her stomach suddenly feeling like she'd bungie jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge, without the cord.

"Well, explain this!" Rachel muttered, swinging her laptop around so Quinn could see the screen.

"Umm... How did you find that?" Quinn asked, unable to take her eyes away from the screen.

"One of MY fans asked for Lucy Cue's autograph last night. She said someone tweeted a picture of us talking in Central Park last week. So naturally I had to google this Lucy person since I don't recall ever meeting her."

"Naturally," Quinn muttered.

"I'm sure you have a good explanation for why my roommate was a Playboy 'Cyber Girl of the Year'," she said, looking at the photo and then tilting her head and squinting at Quinn.

"Umm..." Quinn shrugged helplessly. "I needed the money?"

"What's that a tattoo of?" Rachel asked, pointing at the picture.

"Beth's name in Chinese," Quinn said, blushing.

End Note: Okay, we all know Quinn is fictional? Right? And this is an AU? No, I don't think canon Quinn would actually do something like this except during her pink hair rebel phase, and she was too young then (they do check that kind of thing). And Playboy doesn't get any money from, or likely approve of, this use of their name.


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