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Apr. 15th, 2017 11:53 am
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I've moved everything here (as of this post) over from LiveJournal (and will be deleting the original there shortly.).

So, what's now here? Fan fiction, mostly. Or links to my fan fiction posted elsewhere. Or both. I mainly write Buffy crossover fan fiction, when I write, and that is posted over at AO3, Twisting the Hellmouth, and What you'll find here are the non-Buffy stories, mainly several Glee fics i wrote as an experiment (one unfinished).

Most of my stories include non-canon f/f pairings (though, whether they count as femslash, since I don't write sex scenes, is debatable.)

I also do NaNoWriMo every November. For the past few years it's been used to write rough drafts of my Glee space opera series "The Yucatan Job"
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Work's been a serious time-sink for the past couple months. Haven't done any real fic writing since the Christmas break. Not sure how much I'll get done before Easter but the ideas are still churning away.

Right now I have 2 different paths I want to take Diva On A Half Shell.


  1. We'll explore some of Quinn's PB past starting with a Tony Stark encounter (Marvel Movie Universe Stark - I haven't read an Iron Man comic since college. Longer ago than I care to think.

  2. Or Ethan Rayne (Everybody's favorite chaos worshipper from Buffy) will show up in Star's Hollow (tying the story into another story series I started years ago under another alias - though hopefully readable standalone. We'll see.  The timelines might not be very compatible.

  3. Or an AU combo of both.

I also want to get back to Broadway Bound. It's just barely started (and the first chapter actually seems to be missing a paragraph or two... oops.


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